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Signing Out Items


The sign out page is where students can sign out items. It is the first page that is displayed when the program is executed. It can be accessed from other pages by clicking on the pencil icon. The page’s components are as followed:
  1. Student ID – The student number under which to sign out an item.
  2. Password – The student’s password. This is not the same as the password given to students to access the school network. When a student first signs out an item, they can enter any password they want, and (after re-confirming their input) this password will be used from then on. If the student makes a mistake, the administrator can reset a password at the settings page.
  3. Item – The item to sign out. When the program is first run, there will be no items that can be selected. Items can be added and removed to this list from the settings page.
  4. Sign Out Button – Press this button to complete the sign out.
  5. Entry List – All items signed out on the current day are displayed here.

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