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Editing the Student List


The student settings page allows you to edit the list of students. Its components are as such:
  1. Open Student List – Replaces the student list with the contents of a new file. The file should be a *.csv (Comma Separated Values) file, and should be in the format:
Student # First Name Last Name
  1. Reset Password(s) – Resets the passwords of all the selected students.
  2. Clear History – Clears all entries from the history database. It is recommended to do this at the start of each year.
  3. Student List – The current list of students. Click on an item to select it. To select multiple items, hold Ctrl. To select a range of items, hold shift. To select all items, press Ctrl-A. To find a specific student, click on the list, then type the name of the student you are looking for.

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