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Editing the Inventory


The inventory settings page allows you to add or remove items from the inventory. Its components are as such:
  1. Item Parameters – These define what items to add to the inventory. The ‘item’ box is the name of the item to be added. The ‘from’ and ‘to’ boxes define the range. For example, Item: French horn From: 2 To: 6 would add French horns 2 through 6 (inclusive) to the inventory.
  2. Add Items – Adds items to the inventory, as defined by the item parameters. No duplicate items can be added.
  3. Remove Items – Removes all the selected items from the inventory.
  4. Item List – Lists all the items currently in the inventory. Click on an item to select it. To select multiple items, hold Ctrl. To select a range of items, hold shift. To select all items, press Ctrl-A.

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